City of Los Angeles Files Lawsuit to Block AHF Condom Ballot Initiative

City of Los Angeles Files Lawsuit to Block AHF Condom Ballot Initiative

December 30, 2011


The City of Los Angeles yesterday filed a lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of the ballot initiative of the AIDS Healthcare Foundation or AHF. If passed, the initiative would compel local officials to implement compulsory condom regulations on adult production sets. The president of AHF was named as among defendants in the suit, which also included the foundation’s personnel.

Diane Duke, the Executive Director of FSC, said, “Clearly AHF has chosen to squander its donors resources by filing frivolous lawsuits and ballot initiatives instead of providing valuable resources toward the prevention and treatment of HIV.”

“It is heartening to know that the City of Los Angeles will draw the line on AHF’s political grandstanding when it comes to wasting taxpayer dollars,” Duke added.

She also said, “History has shown us that regulating sexual behavior between consenting adults does not work.”

“The best way to prevent the transmission of HIV and other STIs is by providing quality information and sexual health service, all of which are successfully provided through adult industry protocols and best practices,” said Duke.

The complaint filed by the city argued that the ballot initiative is preempted by regulations that necessitate barrier protection on adult sets and that enforcement of those rules falls under the jurisdiction of the state.

There have been previous court decisions in the complaints filed by AHF, where the judge ruled that officials of L.A. County are not obliged to impose regulations on behalf of the state health and safety agency.

he city also said that the process of bringing the ballot measure to the voters would be a terrible “waste” of taxpayer money.