Colorado has become the Third State to Ask the DEA to Reclassify Marijuana

Colorado has become the Third State to Ask the DEA to Reclassify Marijuana



The state of Colorado has become the third state, after Rhode Island and Washington, to request the United States Drug Enforcement Administration to reclassify pot in a manner that will allow doctors to prescribe it to qualified patients as a medical treatment.

The state asked the DEA to reclassify pot from Schedule 1, a class that includes heroin, to Schedule 2. With the change, doctors would be able to prescribe marijuana and pharmacies can also fill marijuana prescriptions.

The governors of Washington and Rhode Island have also made similar requests. Colorado’s letter to the DEA came from the head of the Department of Revenue, the agency that supervises the booming medical marijuana business of the state.

Barbara Brohl, Colorado’s Revenue Director, in her letter that was sent on December 22, wrote, “There is a lack of certainty necessary to provide safe access for patients with serious medical conditions.”

The letter and its contents was not released to the public then because of the holiday.

Last month, Rhode Island Governor Lincoln Chafee and Washington Governor Chris Gregoire also sent similar communications to the DEA. They requested that the government list pot as a Schedule 2 drug, which means that while it will remain a controlled substance, it can still be prescribed by doctors and pharmacies will also be allowed to dispense it.

At present, marijuana is falls under DEA’s Schedule 1 classification, meaning the drug is regarded as having no medicinal value and is illegal in all aspects.