Core Principles are Upheld by the New Brand Identity of Keystone Bank

Core Principles are Upheld by the New Brand Identity of Keystone Bank

A new brand identity was recently unveiled by Keystone Bank Limited. This was made possible with the launch of the bank’s new logo, which was made to represent the principles that the bank lives up to, particularly strength and safety. These two key principles are the ones that the bank would like to show their customers.

According to the managing director of Keystone Bank Limited, Mr. Oti Ikomi, “The public unveiling of our new logo and brand identity is a major milestone for us at Keystone Bank, one that we believe will begin a journey of mutually beneficial relationship between us and our numerous, esteemed customers.”

According to Mr. Ikomi, the logo represents the core principles of the bank namely, trust, safety, strength and service. The logo was made up of stones that interlock, and are highlighted by a variety of shades that are pleasing to the eye. The shades used for the logo were cyan, navy blue and ice blue. The statement also said that customers all across Lagos, who initially saw the logo, were clearly impressed at the effect.

Mr. Ikomi also said that the outdoor visuals and signage is representative of the pay off line that the bank has adopted. He added that, “It is a reaffirmation of the creation of this vibrant financial institution since August 5 and an attestation to the positive future that our staff and our customers have in our institution.”

The managing director further explained that they were not making a rebranding effort with the unveiling of their new logo. It was rather an attempt to promote the essence of what the bank is all about, the visuals that the bank should be related with. This new logo would culminate in changes made to ATM, Automated Teller Machines, cheques and many others.

The staff and the vendors who helped in crafting the bank’s new brand identity was commended by Mr. Ikomi, highlighting on the team’s effort in the “creation of a truly world class logo that aptly represents Keystone Bank Limited.”







Keystone Bank unveils new identity reflecting core principles