Grigorieva’s Lawyer Denies She Made Money Out of the Tapes

Grigorieva’s Lawyer Denies She Made Money Out of the Tapes


The lawyer of Oksana Grigorieva, the former girlfriend of Hollywood actor Mel Gibson has denied  that Grigorieva made money out of the tape recordings that she had made during one of her arguments with the actor.

In the said recordings, foul language was used by Gibson against Grigorieva, and the recordings went viral on the Internet. From the moment that it was released, it was able to reign in headlines all over the world.

Grigorieva denied that she was the source of the leak of the recordings in the media. The lawyers representing Gibson accused Grigorieva of violating the restraining order.

Grigorieva’s lawyer, Daniel Horowitz, denies the claim that Grigorieva made money by leaking the said recordings. He said that his client was in fact, broke, and if she indeed sold the recordings, she could have made so much money for it. He said that Grigorieva could have made millions if she sold the recordings.

Horowitz said that the media focuses only on the issue as to whether she extorted money from Gibson, instead of focusing on Grigorieva as being an abuse victim. What happens is that Grigorieva is vilified instead of being lent a sympathetic ear. He also said that she had the right to prove that she was indeed an abuse victim through the recordings.