Industry Veteran Kevin O’Connel Appointed by Sfile Technology Corporation as President

Industry Veteran Kevin O’Connel Appointed by Sfile Technology Corporation as President


The immediate appointment of Kevin O’Connell as President and member of the Board of Directors was announced today by Sfile Technology Corporation. Mr. O’Connell is a long-time industry veteran and former Datacert executive.

Frank D. Perez, the founder of Sfile, will continue to serve as CEO and Chairman of the Board of Directors.

Mr. Perez said during the announcement, “I am excited to have a proven executive join Sfile to further advance our mission to disrupt the current economic models for electronic discovery by delivering innovative pricing and technology.”

Mr. Perez also added, “Mr. O’Connell will implement our strategy to spread out into new channels where synergies exist to further reinforce our global network. As President, Mr. O’Connell will be in charge of company operations and future acquisitions.”

As a member of the senior executive management team of Datacert, Mr. O’Connell served as the SVP of Business Development and Law Firm Operations. He was responsible for a considerable amount of the ongoing revenue of Datacert.

Mr. O’Connell’s achievements included growing the extensive partner network of Datacert in support of its patent-pending technology platform, PassportTM, which is used for consolidating applications in the legal industry.

Mr. Perez also said, “Kevin has strong experience managing large and mid-sized organizations and developing new and growing companies. Sfile will benefit from Kevin’s experience managing a $100M+ business unit with over 300 employees in international and global markets while at Tandem Computers, where he was directly involved in growing and leading the Asia/Pacific Division.”

Mr. O’Connell, for his part, said he is “…very excited to join the Sfile team and to tackle the challenge of fulfilling its mission of modifying the economics of discovery for everyone by leveraging a global channel partner network and delivering well-designed technology paired with transparent pricing models.”