The Impact Internet Marketing can have on your Law Firm.

The Impact Internet Marketing can have on your Law Firm.

Building your Law Firm requires a solid marketing game plan that includes Internet marketing.

Any marketing plan is like a large six burner stove.  On each burner there should be a pot of water, which represents the specific media of marketing and the burner needs to be cranked to high!  The idea is to get all of the pots boiling at the same time.

Every marketing strategy should have a priority list based upon the target market, the time frame, and the expected or desired outcomes of the firms strategy.  Internet marketing should head the list of priorities.  In today’s culture the “E” world is dominant!

There are various methods of engagement for an effective Internet marketing campaign.  If you utilize e-mail with any frequency at all you have received the “SEO” marketing pitch!   SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, that is having your website visible on the search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing (formerly MSN).

The idea is when a potential client of your law firm looks for legal services you are extremely visible and their first choice!  Recent research indicates that more than two thirds of all potential customers go to the Internet search engines over the Yellow Pages or the telephone directory and information services!

What does that mean for you and your growing Law Firm?

Whether you are a local, regional Statewide or National Law Firm, you better have a solid Internet presence!  No longer is your company’s web site solely for information for your clients and colleagues.  Having an effective Internet marketing strategy can be more than a great looking, and SEO oriented and optimized site.  Here are three strategies to consider.

  1. Priority number one is web design, content, and optimization.  It goes without saying that setting your site up in the most effective way that is simple to navigate, good looking, and gets great search engine placement is mandatory.  Simply utilizing a low cost web site designer is a huge mistake.  A great site that is Search Engine Friendly will save you on other marketing strategies, so do not look for the cheap way out!  Hire a proven professional.
  2. Pay for Click campaigns, this can be a tricky endeavor.  It is best to hire a professional to run any Pay for Click campaigns you run.  An amateur could bankrupt your marketing budget in a day!  Worse yet get zero results.
  3. Social Media Marketing.  Where once cell phones and email was the preferred method of communication today’s marketplace Twitter and Social Internet Communities like Facebook have become the preferred route.  Having a social media presence is essential.  Simply because you do not understand this media does not rule out the power of this medium!  Have a game plan and implement it.

There will be an impact by Internet Marketing on your Law Firm, whether it is positive or negative will be based upon the choices you make today.  Be prudent and make the right choices today.