Is SEO Right for Your Business?

Is SEO Right for Your Business?

You likely know by now that many businesses use professional Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services to attract new clients.  As a consumer yourself, you know that when the time comes to seek out a service or product, you (and countless others) start by looking on Google or another top search engine.  It’s simply the way new business gets generated these days.

With the proper use of SEO, your business site will get to the top of consumer searches every time—with waves of prequalified potential clients.  And more sophisticated Internet users look at search engine ranks as well.  High ranks are a trusted indicator of legal expertise and success in the marketplace.

But is SEO right for everyone?  Is it right for your business?

We recommend a simple equation, based on the price per sale or the estimated lifetime cost of a new client.  Let’s say your monthly SEO cost is $2,000 and your price per sale is 2.50 cents.  You’ll have to sell 400 widgets at this rate to break even—not a winning proposition.  The cost to get to the top of search engines may make the whole enterprise unprofitable for you.

On the other hand, if your price per sale is in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, SEO is a great client developmental tool.   For example, if your price per sale is $3,000 and you acquire one new client a month, that $2,000 monthly SEO fee is certainly justified.  And if you get two new clients, that’s $6,000 on a $2,000 investment.

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