Lawyers of Kilpatrick Urged for Dismissal of Greene Suit

Lawyers of Kilpatrick Urged for Dismissal of Greene Suit


The lawyers of former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick urged the judge to dismiss the lawsuit filed against the former mayor for the death of Tamara Greene. The stripper was supposed to have danced at a party held at the Manoogian Mansion, which is the residence of the mayor in Detroit. The party was not proven to have happened.

The lawyers of Kilpatrick, James Thomas and Michael Naughton, said that no witness confirmed that the former mayor interfered with the investigation of the death of Tamara Greene.

In the 5-year running litigation and depositions, 39 people have alleged in their affidavits that Carlita, wife of Kilpatrick, attacked Greene at the said party. They further stated that the cops in Detroit were tasked to cover up the said killing.

Facts of the case was that Greene was killed after one week of the said party. In the dismissal motion, it was concluded that Greene was only a bystander, when the shooting took place and the real intended victim was Eric Mitchell, who was a mid-level drug dealer. The motion stated that Darrett King, also known as Little D, being the rival of Mitchell, was the one who ambushed Mitchell. The motion also said that Mitchell, during the said incident, was shot 5 times but was able to survive.