Legal System Taught to Companies and Employees by Lawyers

Legal System Taught to Companies and Employees by Lawyers



Small-business owners are being taken back to school by a newly formed law firm, which provide employment education that many did not have any idea they needed.

According to Alan Crone, a long-time employment attorney, possessing a basic knowledge of employment laws on the front end can prevent lawsuits in the future.

Along with another attorney, Jeff McEvoy, they settled into an office building located in East Memphis in May near Interstate 240 and Poplar.

The new firm, which is called Crone & McEvoy, include the existing real estate law practice and title company of McEvoy, as well as well as a patent and trademark attorney.

Crone still continues to represent both individual plaintiffs and small businesses in employment cases. “I’ve got a foot in two different canoes,” Crone said. “Most people in my practice area do one side or the other.”

However, he explained that one side led to the other. In the past, individual employees who sought his services later on started their own business and came back as his clients.

During the peak of the recession, Crone found himself analyzing separation agreements and appearing on behalf of individuals who are looking for a legal recourse against having laid off or fired. This situation supplemented lost work because of some businesses trying to save their pennies.

Crone revealed that he perceives his practice shifting heavily toward companies in the future, but for now, he intends to continue with individuals. He said “Legal compliance isn’t just legal sense, it’s good business. If you make good hiring decisions you’re going to have fewer terminations and if you can articulate what it takes to succeed you’ll have fewer terminations. The problem is that in American businesses, most don’t take the time to figure that out.”