Livingston, Not a Threat to Society

Livingston, Not a Threat to Society


California – Carter Livingston is not a threat to society. This was what Tom Leupp, the lawyer of Livingston said.

Earlier this month, Carter Livingston, 19, was charged with a felony animal cruelty. He posted a video of himself on the Internet, where he was hacking a possum 44 times with a meat cleaver. Other people were watching the incident including children.

Livingston had already entered a not guilty plea in the Superior Court of Nevada County.

Many animal rights supporters attended the arraignment that was held last September 20.

One deputy district attorney, Kathryn Francis, has requested a bail for $25,000, which was denied by the judge. Livingston has not also been arrested.

According to Leupp, Livingston had no records of any violation of the law, nor any record of misconduct. Livingston is an active participant in church, where he joins various community service programs. Livingston has also never abused animals before.

His mother said that the possum that Livingston hacked was actually a pest because it keeps on knocking over their garbage can and hisses at them.

Animal rights supporters have written letters to the DA, encouraging the prosecution of the case and they would also be attending the next hearing. One animal rights supporter, Kathy Labelle, said that all that they want is to make Livingston accountable for what he did. He must pay retribution and must undergo counseling.