Merrill Corporation Expands Legal Document Review Facilities In New York City

Merrill Corporation Expands Legal Document Review Facilities In New York City


A principal provider of technology-enabled services, Merrill Corporation, announced today the momentous expansion of its legal document review facilities in the city of New York.

These facilities form part of the company’s nationwide network of document review sites, which include New York, Chicago, as well as Los Angeles.

Merrill Brink International, a translation services provider and a subsidiary of Merrill Corporation, will also be providing skilled legal review personnel that will handle multi-lingual document reviews.

Jim Moore, the executive vice president of Merrill Brink International, said, “Our New York-based legal review centers, coupled with our ability to provide corporations and law firms with a complete spectrum of services across the legal landscape, allow us to deliver yet another cost-effective solution for our clients.”

The secure conference rooms of Merrill are available 24/7 for large or small legal review teams. The company also provide pre-screened and vetted document review personnel for teams. These personnel have far-reaching experiences in eDiscovery and are very much familiar with a broad range of legal review platforms.

“Our clients know that using outsourced document reviewers provides them with an extremely flexible, scalable way to staff up or down quickly when they are facing extensive discovery issues. Merrill’s expertise in serving the legal community—combined with our convenient New York review location—gives our clients an easy-to-implement, effective way to conduct reviews while controlling expenses and maximizing results,” said Moore.