New Luxury Business Cards Give Professionals What They Want

New Luxury Business Cards Give Professionals What They Want

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In today’s fast-paced digital world, the steadfast business card is still state of the art. But now, we have taken this art a step further by producing an unforgettable business card that will gain you instant recognition and leave an indelible impression of your business when you hand the card out.

When clients are handed business cards, the first thing they do is feel it. Is it nice and thick or does it feel flimsy and cheap?

Our clients want thick cards.

That’s why we came out with our innovative new Thick Impressions™.

This triple ply construction is achieved by putting a special adhesive on both sides of the middle card, then pushing the three pieces together with a press applying 3 tons of pressure, transforming it into a single card.

The enormous pressure truly turns the three separate pieces into a single card. Handle it roughly. The card will never come apart.

You can see the outer panels are white, but the middle is red … which makes the card stand out more and really pops – acts as a real conversation starter when folks see it.

pricing-thickEven before Thick Impressions™ , we were crafting some of the finest business cards on the market.

Now, we can offer similar cards at a much better price.

We are running a special promo for businesses that want their staff to have these cards. This special ends in 11 days days and will never be run again!

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