Nina Platt Consulting Teams Up with AgentLegal, Inc. to Extend Product and Services Strengths

Nina Platt Consulting Teams Up with AgentLegal, Inc. to Extend Product and Services Strengths


AgentLegal, Inc., or AL, a company that offers law firms a state-of-the-art research portal, as well as Electronic Resource Management platform, or ERM, has announced a strategic partnership with Nina Platt Consulting, Inc., or NPCI, which will effectively expand the two companies’ ability to present Knowledge Management solutions to the legal industry. AgentLegal and Nina Platt Consulting have already been long-time associates in developing Knowledge Management, or KM, strategy in collaboration with law firms, as well as support KM initiatives. With the formation of this strategic partnership, NPCI would have reseller rights to distribute various solutions from across the AL product line, as well as to provide value-added services like system customization and consultation to AL customers all across the United States. Some of these solutions are the AL Enterprise™, AL Portal™ and AL Lite™.

The owner and principal consultant of NPCI, Nina Platt, said, “We clearly identified a symbiotic relationship between the AgentLegal products and our electronic resources and knowledge management services.” Platt added, “We are looking forward to helping AgentLegal strengthen its relationship with the legal market and law librarians, specifically.”

AL provides an advanced research and portal platform that incorporates a single sign-on, a password management system, a validation and tracking of client or matter, and ERM. This platform, made available by AL, will enable the searching of a particular law firm’s databases and knowledge centers, and at the same time, provide an extensive user, client or matter and resource tracking. It will also increase the law firm’s capability to control and allocate costs. NPCI, on the other hand, focuses on the information and knowledge management or access for law firms.

The president of AgentLegal, Paul Cope, said,” Together our firms can more effectively develop and present the compelling benefits and ROI provided by our solutions.”