Print is dead, or is it?

Print is dead, or is it?

In the fast passed world today technology is taking over. Between the internet and other technological advances , such as e-books, the need for print is running out. Or is it? The convenience and portability of carrying a paper book or newspaper with you verse the bulk of an e-book reader or computer screen. There is no need for electricity or the possibility of the battery dying right before you’ve read that last chapter.

Save print, Save money.

Although we are able to access such things as the news on the internet these sources are not as convenient as a print news paper. News papers not only give you all of your local news but they have money saving coupons and store advertisers available in them. These papers typically cost $1.50 to purchase and all you need is scissors to cut the coupons you want to use.  Using an internet search for these coupons require, electricity to turn on the computer, the cost of your internet carrier, the ink to print them, or you pay a company to print and clip for you. Wouldn’t it be cheaper to stick with the print? Yes.

Snail (direct) mail or email

Despite the popularity of email and e-statements, direct mail continues to grow. In 2010 direct mail spending in the United States was $ 45.2 billion.  More than any other single direct response channel. The reason the direct mail is doing so well is because it works for people. Just like all print, direct mail is trusted more than technology. Companies still rely on direct mail as a form of advertisement and to draw in new customers.

Business’ are helping keep print alive.