Recent Poll suggests that Americans are against pulling the Healthcare Law Funds

Recent Poll suggests that Americans are against pulling the Healthcare Law Funds


According to a recent survey, majority of Americans do not want Congress to oppose funding for a range of health care measures even as the nation remains divided on the extensive overhaul passed last year.

Sixty-two percent of those surveyed said that they do not support the move of lawmakers to cut-off funds necessary to implement changes. These changes range from new policies and regulations for health insurance companies to tax credits and state grants.

The House of Representatives passed legislation this month that would pave the way for the repeal of the healthcare reform law, which was signed by the President last year. However, the Senate is unlikely to act on that bill. House Republicans now say they will try to stop the flow of money necessary to put the law into action.

According to a survey conducted by Harvard School of Public Health and the Kaiser Family Foundation, 33% backed attacks on funding.

The result just goes to show that even people who do not like the entirety of the bill is not leaning towards funding attacks as the best way to move forward.

Mollyann Brodie, head of Kaiser’s Public Opinion and Survey Research group, in a statement said, “The public is frustrated with politics as usual, and may be saying that underfunding a law is not how government should work.”

The law, which is a key domestic agenda of the Obama administration, is facing a tough challenge in Congress, as well as the courts, as political parties position themselves for the 2012 presidential election.