Easy, Cost-Effective Ways to Double Your Direct Mail Response

Easy, Cost-Effective Ways to Double Your Direct Mail Response

direct mailA while ago, one of our Wells & Drew self-mailers was generating a decent response, but we felt we could do better.  Without changing any of the mailer’s copy, we took some steps that quickly doubled the response rate—which in turn doubled the number of new clients we brought in from every mailing.

These easy, cost-effective steps can work for your direct mail efforts, too.

  1. Enhance the “look” of the direct mail piece.  If your piece doesn’t look “important,” no one is going to open it.  We changed the paper we were using to a thick, uncoated stock that looked more distinguished to the eye and felt more distinguished to the touch.
  2. Use off-set printing.  We switched from digital to offset printing, a move that greatly improved the appearance of the self-mailer
  3. Change the size of the piece.  We changed the size of the self-mailer to that of an A7 envelope, which once again added weight to the piece.  Just as importantly—it no longer looked like junk mail.
  4. Go for the best look possible.  To add value to one of our direct mail pieces and to make it look better, we used offset printing and put it on 100 lb., uncoated stock.  Then we enclosed it in an 8 x 10 envelope.  Everything about it looked important.  On that piece, we saw a 24% response rate—almost unheard of for a direct mail effort.

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