Results of US Mid Term Elections can Affect Online Gambling Legislation

Results of US Mid Term Elections can Affect Online Gambling Legislation


The results of the US midterm elections will definitely have a negative impact on pending legislation concerning online gambling. The speculation that Americans will cast protest votes against incumbent President Obama is turning into reality as the initial results show the GOP numbers inch up in the House of Representatives. If the Republicans will be able to clinch the House majority, then it could have drastic implications for the online gambling industry.

While most of the Democrats foster a favorable view of the online gambling industry, the Republicans sees the industry in a rather different manner. This simply means that if the Democrats will be able to salvage the election and overturn the predictions by gaining more votes, then online gambling legislations that are currently in the pipeline will be completed and the industry just might achieve a legal status.

However, if all the predictions about the outcome of the midterm elections will come to pass, then the Republicans, who generally sees gambling as a social pariah, will likely freeze any pending legislation concerning the status of the online gambling industry.

While it is true that there is a bit of support within the Republican Party when it comes to the issue of the legalization of online gambling, it is not the same as the one shown by the liberals, who have voiced their support behind the lobbying moves by the online gambling industry towards their status.

HR 2267 bill seeks to overturn the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act, or UIGEA. However, the future of the bill will be dependent on the support of the members within House of Representatives. The results of the midterm elections will definitely become a determining factor on the online gambling industry’s fate.