Verizon Communications Fires First Shot Against FCC Net Neutrality Rules

Verizon Communications Fires First Shot Against FCC Net Neutrality Rules


The new Net neutrality rule of the Federal Communications Commission is being legally challenged by Verizon Communications.

The communications giant has filed an appeal with the U.S. Court of Appeals challenging the Report and Order of the FCC on the rules regarding the issue of Net neutrality.

Verizon’s senior vice president and deputy counsel, Michael E. Glover, stated in a press release that his company is committed to the process of preserving the open Internet. However, after carefully reviewing the FCC order, the company believes that the Commission has exceeded its bounds.

In the statement, Glover said, “We are deeply concerned by the FCC’s assertion of broad authority for sweeping new regulation of broadband networks and the Internet itself.” He also said, “We believe this assertion of authority goes well beyond any authority provided by Congress, and creates uncertainty for the communications industry, innovators, investors and consumers.”

The topic on Net neutrality rules has been debated upon for many years. In late December of last year, the FCC finally adopted the rules that codified specific Net neutrality principles. The new regulation has created two distinctive classes of service that will be subject to different rules.

In the first rule, wireless and wireline providers are required to be transparent on how they administer and run their networks.

The blocking of traffic on the Internet is specifically prohibited by the second net neutrality rule. While the rule applies to both wireless providers and fixed wireline broadband network operators, the stipulations for each network type are a little bit different.

The last rule prohibits the fixed wireline broadband operator from unfairly discriminating against the traffic on their network. Opponents of Net neutrality